Monday, 24 October 2016

Bus ridership

We had a great time doing bus ridership last week. The kids sat properly on the bus, remembered that we always stay out of the DANGER ZONE, that we don't distract the driver and practiced going out the back door of the bus. 

Friday, 23 September 2016

Friday, 16 September 2016

Room 10's class beliefs

We talked about why we have rules at school and came up with some great classroom beliefs that will help ensure everyone knows what is expected of them when they are in the classroom. The kids came up with lots of great ideas and we worked on them until they sounded just right for us. Once they were complete we signed them to show that we are all going to try and follow them everyday.

Please take some time to go over these with your child to see what these beliefs mean to your child or what they might look like in the class. We talked about being safe might look like walking in the classroom, not throwing things etc. We talked about how being respectful might look like being nice, being kind, caring and sharing.

Read to self

We started read to self this week. We talked about different ways to read a book and why we read. I loved all the reasons they came up with (some might make you laugh).
The kids were very good at remembering their jobs during read to self. We practiced it for 3 mins on Wednesday, 4.45 mins on Thursday and 4.25 mins today. Check out all the readers in our class.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

International Dot Day

Today is International Dot Day. We read the story The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds and listened to his song The Dot Song. The kids worked hard on creating their own dot for a school wide art project.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Colour Days


I'm sure most of you remember colour days from Kindergarten last year. When students dressed in a different colour every day as they learned about that colour in French. This year, like past years, the kindergarten students have invited the whole school to join them. This is a schedule for the colours. We will also write reminders in our agendas closer to the time.

Monday, September 19 - rouge (red)
Tuesday, September 20 - bleu (blue)
Wednesday, September 21 - jaune (yellow)
Thursday, September 22 - vert (green)
***Friday, September 23 - orange (orange)  ARC-EN-CIEL (RAINBOW)***

Monday, September 26 - brun (brown) **picture day** YOUR CHILD DOES NOT NEED TO DRESS IN BROWN :)

Tuesday, September 27 - rose & violet (pink & purple)
Wednesday, September 28 - gris (grey)
Thursday, September 29 - noir & blanc (black & white)
***Friday, September 30 - arc-en-ciel (rainbow) ORANGE (ORANGE)***

First Day of Grade 1

We had a great first day Friday. The kids and I worked on our classroom beliefs and setting up our routines. We also practiced printing our name and using the expression "Bonjour, je m'appelle...". I've started sharing some of my favourite books with them. I'm sure you heard all about the story You're finally here by Melanie Watt. They loved it so much that we had to read it twice.